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What is a body rub?

Many people make the mistake of mixing up a body rub with a massage. The first thing is that you shouldn’t make this mistake. A body rub is usually the way the massage is done. The lotions that are used in such massages are the most important thing. Some people like the fact of being physically and emotionally getting well through the massage that has therapeutic effects. Trained and licensed therapists are allowed to carry out such massages. Massage in general is something in which you manipulate the soft tissues of our body. A body rub on the other hand involves tensions, pressures, vibrations and motions that are performed either naturally or through mechanical devices. These are very effective in solving the problems that you are facing with your body. This goes without saying that we need to relax once in a while to get rid of the tensions that we go through almost every time.

How does it take place?

Body rub includes use of various lotions, oils and liniments. These are essential in making the massage smooth. You don’t want a massage to be rough. In a massage, we always see there is use of some or the other lotions that make the process easier. Without this, it becomes really impossible to experience a good massage. There are various types of oils available in the market. You can choose from anything from grape seed oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, olive oil and even nut oils. Constant rubbing of these oils all over the skin would definitely show the result. Through continuous rubbing of oils, the skin will absorb the oils into the deep layers. This will be effective as the oils that are been used has high benefits. They moisturize the skin and give a glow to the skin. You can lie down without any worries and experience a body massage that is going to heal you.

There are many oils available in the market that already have aromatherapy oils in them. This gives you a relaxed experience. Such oils are made for the purpose of relaxation. Somebody rubs have Epsom salts in them that acts as treatments for aching joints. If you have extremely dry skin, you can treat them with these oils. This will definitely cure the problems. There are people who go for such body rubs only because they want to treat their dry skin. In our busy lives, it is not possible to rub oils on our skin regularly. And, let’s face it, it is not possible t have that feeling on your own. Unless and until somebody does that to you, it becomes really difficult to get the relaxation. We don’t have that time to pamper ourselves exactly in the same way as a masseuse. It is therefore better to depend on the therapists to take care of this thing for us.

Body rub is not new

Body rubs are not new. They have been in the scene for a long time. It has been used for rehabilitation purposes for thousands of years. The use of massages in modern times can be seen among physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers and others. They are widely practicing this massage in order to get rid of stress and other physical ailments. We can see a lot of spa, medical and salon centers offering such services to the people. Some of these are expensive while others are within the reach of all. There are cases when the therapists visit the client’s home to offer such services. This is one of the most common things we see now. It is because of the busy lives people live now. For many, it becomes impossible to make out time to visit a massage parlor. For them, the best thing is to experience the services in their own home with comfort. Another reason for this can be that many are not comfortable to get a massage somewhere else.

Can you become a therapist?

Body rubs or massages have become one of the most sought after professions now. You need proper training and skill in order to perform such tasks. It requires you to get trained with proper guidance so that you don’t make any mistake. In United States, around 900,000 massage therapists have received training program that included 500 to 1000 hours of study during the course. So, this makes it quite clear that this is something that requires education. Unless and until one passes the examination, they are not entitled to carry out any such massages. One needs to study about a variety of issues during the training. Physiology, first aid, CPR, ethics, business management and legal issues are something that is a must to become therapists. You need to have good grasp over such subjects without which people wouldn’t trust you over massaging. At the end of the training and examination, the therapist is offered diploma or degree or certification.

Some of the benefits that you enjoy after body rubs or massages:

  • You can treat your body from the muscle pain or fatigue. This condition is called Fibromyalgia which is a chronic condition. This condition can occur when you are under a lot of stress and out of sleep. Your muscles become tangled and restrict you from performing any activity.
  • By such body rubs you can actually get better after a surgery. We all know that our bodies become ineffective after a surgery. The massage helps in the circulation of blood, relaxes the muscles and improves flexibility. Tissues are regenerated after such massages which prevents any type of swelling.
  • You can improve your mood by going for such massages. If you are mentally relaxed, your mood is bound to get better within minutes. The feel-good hormones of our body start to react to the massage and help us to get better.
  • For those who suffer from frequent headache can definitely go for body rubs or massages. They are bound to see the result. Migraines or headaches are common among people. This happens mainly when you don’t get enough sleep or rest.

Body rubs are important for everyone. There are millions of people all over the world who have availed this method and seen amazing results. It is time that you get one for yourself.