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What is NURU massage?

Many people want to know about NURU massage because its quite popular these days because of the nature of eroticism it involves. There are too many people who are looking to try out this special new form of massage which involves lots of sexual entertainment and it also have health benefits too. So, today we are going to look at some of the factors that makes NURU massage so special and what makes it amazing in terms of many things.

History of NURU massage

Nobody can say the exact date when NURU massage originated but one thing is for sure that it came from Japan and it was developed in Kawasaki City. The term NURU means slippery and that’s the exact thing you can expect our of a NURU massage. A special kind of slippery gel is used in this form of massage that is completely odorless and absolutely tasteless, and its quite healthy for skin too.

Now this massage can be provided by either a man or a woman but as per the tradition both the person needs to be completely nude during the massage. Seaweed is actual thing that is used to make this slippery gel and its quite an unusual gel that is not found so easily.

It is believed that Japanese developed this massage because they wanted a way around the new law related to prostitution and since the government was restricting sex for money, so many sex workers developed this special form of massage that is not just erotic but involves sex too. NURU massage is not the only thing they developed at that time, they also developed soapy massage that involves massage with lots of soapy bubbles.

Among both of the massage techniques, NURU massage was actually the one to gain lots of popularity due to the highly energetic and erotic body-to-body contact. You are not going to believe how relaxing and how arousing it can be when a girls or a body is sliding on your back while you are totally naked.

This is why NURU is creating a buzz in the western countries a lot. Not only Japanese girls, but western girls also made excelled this art and they are quite good at this too. There are lots of NURU massage parlors in Las Vegas and other places that offers this massage to anyone who is interested.

How it helps couples

NURU massage is not just for single people who are deprived of love and pleasure, but it is actually really good for couples who are looking to spice up their relationship. NURU massage was not so popular during the initial years, but soon due to internet and porn videos, people came to know more about this and the popularity of this massage soon exploded. Now people from all over the globe came to know about this and what exactly happens in this massage.

With growing popularity and the rise of internet, now people wanted to experience this massage and thus girls from western countries learned this art either from Japanese women or by learning through websites like YouTube. But couples gained a lot from this NURU massage because they can experiment this massage with each other which not only helps them relax but also provides them with new ways to explore sensuality with each other.

People who are having a tough time in their relationship always want to fix things, but they never find ways to do that. Hence, this NURU massage is the only thing that can provide stability in a relationship. Through this massage, couples come close to each other and they explore each other sexually which makes them even more strong and compatible.

Health benefits of NURU massage

Apart from aforementioned physical pleasures, NURU massage is not all about eroticism, but it also helps your body in many ways. Some of the most amazing benefits of NURU massage has been listed here and we are sure that you will definitely learn a lot of things from it.

  • It improves blood flow
  • Increases immunity
  • Good for heart
  • Lowers the stress level
  • Good for mental and physical health status
  • Improves relationships

So, if you think that NURU massage is only good for those who are looking for erotic pleasure then you are wrong because its way more than that and people can gain lots of benefits from this form of massage.

According to common belief some people think that NURU massage is only for men but that’s not really true, because these days women are also going for such massage. There are lots of masseurs who are into this line of work and they are really good at providing this massage. So, if you are a woman who needs both physical and mental pleasure then you can surely opt for this massage and we guarantee that you are going to enjoy like you have never enjoyed in your life before. Since modern society has developed a lot over the past few years, both men and women practice their freedom equally. In earlier days, it was quite tough for women to get such pleasures, but now they don’t have to suppress their desires.

NURU massage is really a great invention from Japanese people and everybody is liking it all over the world, and the popularity of this massage is really quite an amazing thing. NURU can be considered as the greatest gift from Japanese people to the entire world that not only helped single men and women but it also helps couples who are unable to find something interesting in their relationships.

Apart from aforementioned reasons, NURU massage is an excellent way to earn money too. Somebody who is looking for choose a career as a massage specialist can learn this art form and earn a decent living. They might have to spend lots of hours to master this art but since there are not many people who have excelled this art form, gaining popularity is such field won’t be tough.